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300t ship movement on Cometto MSPE 48t

The Italian company TER S.r.l. from San Miniato (PI), leading in ship and mega-yacht handling and transport, managed an impressive transportation project of a 300t ship with a Cometto self-propelled trailer type MSPE 48t.

Record pressure vessels moved on a Cometto MSPE

Italian engineering company Fagioli S.p.A. handled recently the transport of two huge vessels.

Joachim Kolb strengthens Cometto

Joachim Kolb is the new member of Cometto's sales team.

Cometto MSPE excels in harsh conditions in Sub-Saharan Africa

Recently, four modular combinations of Cometto self-propelled trailers MSPE 40t in side-by-side configuration have been involved in heavy duty movements by customer Marine Maroc.

20 axle lines of Cometto MSPE 48t for the Groupe Cayon

The French company Groupe Cayon received recently four modules of self-propelled MSPE 48t from the specialist Cometto. A total of 20 axle lines with lateral coupling to also allow projects with largest loads.

The order includes two 6-axle modules type MSPE 6/4 48t, two 4-axles modules type MSPE 4/2 48t, two power packs with an output of 129kW each and side-by-side coupling accessories. The modularity of the vehicles gives the customer all the possibilities to form lifting platforms of any dimension and shape, depending on the specific cargo requirements.

Groupe Cayon is going to work with the Cometto MSPE both with 10-axles lines and with 20 axles coupled side by side in order to allow the transport of wider loads. The complete supply grants a payload of 850t! Besides this impressive capacity, the self-propelled trailer excels thanks to the versatility in configuration and its maneuverability. The MSPE 48t offers the best compromise between platform dimension, load performance and investment.

MSPE 48t Groupe Cayon FR 15312 15313 2

“The Groupe Cayon is almost a century-old story that began in 1925 in Chalon-sur-Saône“, says Simone Ferriani, the Cometto sales manager for the French market “Today, besides the head office that is still based in Burgundy, Groupe Cayon has grown from one truck in 1925 up to nearly 1,400 vehicles nowadays. Over the years, they have been able to diversify into a multi-business company, from industrial vehicle leasing to industrial services such as handling, lifting and industrial transfer”. With the Cometto delivery, they now have new possibilities in the field of self-propelled transport projects.

MSPE 48t Groupe Cayon FR 15314 15315 2

The MSPE series is available from 40t up to 70t per axle lines: impressive power on wheels!